The NPC - Captain Travers from Fossil Fighters

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I've been playing Fossil Fighters on the Nintendo DS lately and I must say that it is quite an engaging experience in the same way that you find doing the same thing over and over again as an engaging experience. Honestly, there's something strangely alluring about going around, digging up fossils, cleaning them, turning its genetic code into your dinosaurs, battling and doing that all over again. I highly recommend it, especially if you're looking for your next Pokemon-esque gaming fix.

Now, to the more pressing matter at hand: Captain Travers. This gentleman is the one who captains the ship to and from the dinosaur island. I figure he likes boats and likes to help out when he can. But then something in the story occurs which makes you realize otherwise. When you have to battle your first opponent in the game to qualify for a Fighter's License, the end of the Prelude chapter, you end up facing Captain Travers.

Now, this seems more than just a formality. He trash talks to you, a mere child, and says that he's not going to go easy. From this I can draw the fact that he's in it to win it, essentially hoping to defeat you so he can get his Fighter's License. I mean, really, if you have the license to raise dinosaurs from the grave and pit them against other dinosaurs, why would you be captaining a boat?

He probably does this every time he brings a rookie to the island who is interested in getting their Fighter's License. Imagine how many copies of the game have been sold. That's how many times he's gone to the island with hopes of finally getting that Fighter's License, only to have his dreams crushed and his broken soul swept under the rug.

My coworker Bryon brought up a very intriguing point that it is possible that if you lose to the Captain, you must become the next Captain until you can defeat the next rookie. With that thought in mind, can you imagine how long the Captain's been pining to get a Fighter's License? The guy has to be at least 38 years old and the average participant, or at least of your character, is probably 12.

Jesus. This game is a mid-life crisis victim's worse nightmare. Luckily, I just crossed my quarter-life crisis and I'm feelin' fine, playing video games meant for children. Yep, feelin' fine.

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