Black Friday Haul

Listening to: Nothing.

So, another Black Friday has come and gone. I decided to stay home for most of it and avoid the mad rush for electronics, movies and video games that I didn't need. Instead, I went the route as well as making my way to Target at, oh, 5:00pm.

Here's a list of what I ended up getting (with appropriate links since I'm not particularly fond of linking to Target's website):

The most interesting thing, though possibly the most reputation damaging, is that I now own four copies of "The Wedding Singer". I have a VHS tape, the first DVD release, the "Totally Awesome" DVD release and now the Blu-Ray version.

It is still one of the greatest movies of all time.

On I ended grabbing some cheap CDs (Jackson 5 Collection, Glee Vol. 1 Soundtrack), a new watch (it's solar powered!) and some game for the PS3.

Happy Black Friday, all!

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