Robot in the City T-Shirt

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So I made this shirt for the show a few weeks ago. I only had enough time (and reason) to order one. I have decided that it is seemingly a cool enough t-shirt to link out so other can purchase it. I can also provide a little review of the shirt itself, so as to provide as ample information as possible to the reading public.

The shirt itself is an American Apparel shirt. It would be considered a thin shirt, but not underwear shirt thing. It is, however, thinner than a Haynes Classic type shirt. It is fitted, so it will hug your form. It is also, for reasons unknown, very long. If I pull the shirt all the way down, it crawls close to the middle of the zipper on my jeans.

The printing itself is quite nice. It's not screenprinted, but rather this digital printing that feels like a fancy decal. I've put it through the wash and it still looks fine. No cracks and no fading. It has a slight sheen to it, but a run through the wash makes it look like any other clever worded shirt you have in your closet.

The pricing essentially, as it is print on demand, nets me a healthy $2.00. That also means if I want to buy it for myself, I pay the $22 or so, not counting shipping, so I can't really help with a "friends deal".

If you like Robot in the City or just the design, it'd be really keen if you picked up a shirt. If not, we're still friends.

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