"Being Busy" is a poor excuse, but I'm using it.

Listening to: Nothing.
Song Stuck in my Head: Samwell - What What in the Butt

I'll admit, it's been a little while since I've done any real comic drawing. I'm late on Robot in the City, I haven't done any Rom Check Fail comics and I just haven't been drawing as much as would have liked in the last few weeks. I don't like making excuses, but the holiday schedule has really made it difficult. You know how it goes, meeting up with old friends, shin digs, visiting relatives, shopping and a whole bunch of other supercilious poop.

To justify my recent absence, and to provide myself a way to look back at what I've done, here are a few things that have caused this delay in sequential creative expression:

1. Performed at Umloud as Daylight Savings Crime
2. Watched Cloverfield for the first time
3. Read a number of volumes of The Kurosagi Corpse Delviery Service and enjoyed it
4. Completee Assassins Creed II with 950/1000 achievement points
5. Went to the Giant Robot SF - Annual Print Show opening and saw my prints on the wall
6. Bought some pork buns for the office from Chinatown
7. Visited my niece
8. Got a new kitten named Tonks
9. I Got Balls For Hands
10. Started playing another damned Dragon Ball game! The story doesn't change, but I just can't help it.

Hm, I suppose I should put "made a list" down too.