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Josie had a little interview segment for this show we're going to on Valentine's Day. It's a semi-improv show where the cast recreates stories of the "how we first met" incidents of the audience. I hope it's amusing. If it's not, I hope they serve alcohol.

Quote: "It was love at first click for Josana Kuivenhoven, a San Jose State University student who met her boyfriend, Alexander Shen, on Craigslist (after trying eHarmony with no luck). She picked him out of 100 responses.

"At first it felt awkward to admit it," says Kuivenhoven, 25. But now she freely credits their meet-cute story to "the information superhighway and the free services available to frugal, half-drunk people."

After 18 months together, the San Jose cyber-sweeties say their song is Del Shannon's version of "Sea of Love." Their big challenge is the cat sleeping between them."

Happy Valentine's!

Link: San Jose Mercury News