My Flash Game Experiment - Dress-Up Games - Part I

Listening to: Boyz II Men - Doin' Just Fine

So this is part of my experiment with the Flash games world. Specifically, this is an experiment with dress-up games. Even more specifically, it's dress-up games for the male audience. I don't simply mean "pimp my ride" dress-up/customization games because stuff like that already exists. What I mean are games that will appeal, for a few minutes/seconds a time, with the nerd/geek culture. This demographic makes up a very large group and, for me, makes up a very important part of the community I interact with everyday on the internet (reading blogs, forums, etc.).

I feel that one of the main reasons people dislike the dress-up/customization genre is that every "game" (I'd like to more accurately label it as a "toy") lacks a soul. If I can add something to the shallow experience, then maybe I've got something on my hands.

Many of these games already have pretty good, manufactured, artwork. So "good graphics" isn't something new that I can add or really change. At best, I can utilize my style of drawing.

Game Mechanic
The game mechanic? It's pretty much the same across the board. You either drag and drop or you press a button that will change the model for you. For the sake of this first experiment, I'll be going with the latter interactive mechanic.

What else is there?
I decided that my tongue-in-cheek humor is what I can add. Pablo Neruda said that "Laughter is the language of the soul." Hopefully this element can go some distance before running out of steam and exploding in a fury of sprinkles and cupcake batter. I have also decided to use the idea of "action figure" to appeal to these people. That's basically what the "boy version" of a dress-up doll is, right? It's an action figure. While your sister was playing with a Barbie and dressing her up in the newest clothes, you were probably fighting with your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures and accessorizing them with the right weapons for a battle.

What's the first one about?
I decided to go and do something based on one of my favorite FPS experiences: Left4Dead. I thought it would be entertaining to show different weapons and battle damage for the character I always use, Louis (named Louie in this case). Another features of action figures I always liked was the "voice chip". I remember having the "voice chip" feature in demo mode so you can test it out at the toy store. Kids loved pressing that thing and by the time you actually purchased the toy, the batteries were dead. The last voice used for this game is actually from a wonderful episode of The Simpsons (Lisa vs. Malibu Stacey).

What did you make?
Outside of the Left4Dead silhouette background, everything else (illustrated) was made from scratch. I noticed that the "texture" used for the game cover was essentially a highlighted, saturated green with an overlay of scratches. A blood splatter also helped make it feel more authentic. The illustrations I did on my tablet in Flash. The voice work was ripped from the game. The music was also ripped from the game.

Anyhow, let's see how this goes!

Play: Action Figure - Left2Die: Louie