A Memory: RENT

Listening to: RENT Soundtrack - Seasons of Love

I've been listening to tracks from the RENT Soundtrack lately and I remember how much I enjoyed the movie and the musical. I think it's the only musical that I've seen more than once. My old roommates Derek and Judy really enjoyed it as well. I can remember numerous occasions where we would just gather and watch the film. We even watched the Special Features and I rarely get through anything past a "Gag Reel" let alone an hour long documentary about how the musical came about. Those are good memories.

Then I started thinking about the memories that were less good, but funnier in retrospect. I remember going on a date with someone to see the movie. At one moment in the movie, I had tears rolling down my face. I wasn't sobbing, but just staring at the screen as tears crept out like the jerks that they are. I looked over and my date was utterly bored. That was the last time I ever saw her.

Another memory was watching the movie with a group of people. In general, they didn't enjoy the movie. They thought the story was silly. One of the people complained that they sang too much. I stated that it was a musical and the movie was a move adaptation of the musical--a musical movie. The person proceeded with the question, "So?"

That was also the last time I ever saw those people either.

Anyhow, here is my favorite song from the musical/film. I think I should break this out and watch it again.