My 360 pooped on itself.

Feeling: Rather heartbroken.

So, my 360 pooped on itself last night. Strangely enough, I did not get the RRoD, no. Instead, I was pleasantly bombarded with a black screen with tiny little purple and green lines running across the screen like a proverbial waterfall of sorrow.

I checked around on the internet and found out that this problem wasn't exactly the most common thing in the world, but it has happened before. It often results in the system exploding in a fireball of sparks and Sparks.

I feel that my system has had a good run though. I've attributed the 360's lifespan to be at a ratio of 45:1. Meaning, one year of human time equates to about 45 years in XBOX360 time. It's interesting when utilizing that analogy, actually.

"My 360 lived to the ripe old age of roughly 88. We knew it was time when it essentially went blind and could only see a few colored lines if anything at all. It spent most of its latter years watching movies from Netflix and just sitting idly as the rest of the family did chores, forgetting that it was still awake. It will receive a proper burial at the hands of the highest bidder on eBay."

Oh, XBOX360. You will be missed. And then you will be promptly replaced with a younger, quieter version of yourself who will also come with a free copy of Uno.