Robot in the City Plushies - Now Shipping!

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The Robot in the City plushies are now shipping! Woo-hoo!

When I opened the box of plushies this afternoon, I was pretty overwhelmed with how cute these darned things are. That's when I started thinking that I'd like to see as many people have these as possible. In order to do so, I've gone and dropped the price down to something less of a "indie designer" price and to a "mass market" price. All plushies are now $11.99!

For those who pre-ordered with me, you will be getting an extra plushie for each order. This way you can go and give your favorite friend one too. Unfortunately, I've also had to change the package a little bit to compensate for the price drop. This new $11.99 price point only includes the card that tells you which #/200 you got and the plushie itself. There will still be pin sets for pre-orders only. Overall, I feel that the price change makes everything more accessible to more people. Hopefully you feel the same. :)

And as always, the comic is free to read online.

I'll post some photos of the unboxing soon.