Spell of Play? More like Spell of Awesome.

Listening to: Nothing.

So the righteous game developers over at Spell of Play have posted a contest regarding, well, posting. The rules are as simple as my writing a little blurb about them on this blog here, or as I call "Mr. Shen's Bucket 'o Chum". The winners get a free game from their studios and I want me some game.

In any case, you should also check out their work. It's all pretty well polished stuff and the pirate game just screams "pirate" and "match-3". Two of the things that get this American public's blood boiling. Me? I can't help but enjoy a good match-3 game. Heck, it doesn't even have to be that good. As long as it can make me feel smart, then I'm all for it.

Link: Spell of Play Website