A Boy and His Blob

Listening to: Hall and Oates - Sara Smile

There has been news in a recent Nintendo Power that they will be taking another stab at the A Boy and His Blob license. To be perfectly honest, I loved this series as a kid. I never had an American NES so I was never able to play it at home, but it was always something I played when I visited my friend's house.

The controls were pretty dismal and floaty, but it was just fun feeding the Blob different jellybeans to see what he would turn into and how that could get you past the current level puzzle. I remember owning the Gameboy version where you had to save Princess Blobette from across the map. If you gave the Blob a red jellybean (I think it was red), he would turn into a rocket and you could propel yourself across the map and to her cage. You'd then proceed to bust open her cage, freeing her, but also kill yourself in the process. I can't count how many times I tried that tactic when I get tired of maneuvering through the tricky flamethrowers in the basement.

I'm ecstatic!