Jumping Man!

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This is one of the jumping people in my newest game: Naked Skull Man - Attack of the Evil Egg Assembly. He represents 1,000 people on the main map screen of the game. The basic idea is Power Ranger Superhero + Solitaire.

I've always had this thing for tabletop card games and always wanted to make them, but printing/cutting the cards were always a pain in the butt. It also made it difficult to get the game out there for people to play since either I was unable to do make enough sets or people didn't want to print it out themselves. So, a digital version was born.

There are 25 enemies that get launched four at a time. They start out as eggs. Each has their own monster inside (power level) and hatching time (days). When they hatch, they become monsters and destroy the population of the world. So you, Naked Skull Man, have to defeat these eggs or monsters. That's the gist of it.

Below is a screenshot and image of Naked Skull Man in his superhero form.