The stench! The stench!

Listening to: Ne-Yo - Nobody


The other day I took the train into the work, as usual, and was bombarded with a stench that made me want to become blind in the nose. Two people sat behind me and smelled like curry. It wasn't the fragrance of curry, as I actually enjoy curry, but a stench. It was thick and it was staining my clothes (which it had apparently done on their clothes already). Combine that with the overpowering fortitude of body odor and you've got yourself a military grade weapon.


Solution: I had made dinner the night before and my hands still had a slight smell of garlic to them. I stuck my garlic fingers in my nose and hid under my jacket for the remaining 40 minutes.

This was B.O. Curry and smelled like the sins of the fathers and I question what sin I had committed that was so great that I was to be punished so.