Secret Identities Released!

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So "Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology" was released a few weeks ago and I just received my copy in the mail today! I'm pretty stoked about the entire thing as this is the first time I've been published in some type of "comic form" that wasn't independently self-funded (unless you count that one educational book for 6th graders in Canada that licensed a few Gashapon Shop strips).


It's also very exciting to be in the same anthology with other amazing Asian American artists in the community like Gene Yang and Hellen Jo. I've also never been in a comic situation where someone else did the writing and I interpreted that into panels on a page. It's truly a fantastic feat and I'm happy this book came into fruition. It reminds me of my short lived attempt with Sprout, the Asian American comics anthology that never got off the ground.

I'm not quite sure what the standard bookstores are like and if they carry the anthology, as there has been confusion whether is should fall in "graphic novels" or "Asian American studies". In any case, you can pick up Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology over at Below I posted a few photos of some of the pages that I did.


My work on the left and Greg Larocque's work on the right.


The start of the five pager that I did.