William Adama knows Calculus!

Listening to: Nothing.

Okay. This probably isn't news to many people, but this is news to me. I didn't really put it together at first, but I realized something while watching Battlestar Galactica the other night. William Adama is Jaime Escalante from Stand and Deliver! He's the teacher that taught those intercity children calculus! This lone fact has made the already fantastic Battlestar Galactica even better. I mean he taught people how to multiply nines with their fingers! Get that damned Lou Diamond Phillips (no offense, Lou, I'm sure you're a nice guy) off the DVD box and put William Adama on it.

I think it's time I commissioned a piece of Jaime Escalante standing proud (and possibly delivering something) with the deep space in the back and the majestic Battlestar Galactica flying in the background. I think I'll also throw in some cut apples in the painting too, you know, to teach people about fractions.

Ooo! It gives me chills.