Dollfie Dream - Art Project

Listening to: David Choi - Always Hurt

I was a bit reluctant to post anything regarding Dollfie Dream dolls at first, but decided that it's really no different from me going about and painting a new garage kit. Just a little background for those who are curious on "what the dealio".

Dollfie Dream dolls are about 1:3 scale and are created by Volks, a company in Japan that specializes in ball-jointed dolls. This essentially means the dolls use ball joints to allow for more points of articulation, as opposed to the peg-in-hole joints you find in other American dolls or action figures (i.e. neck to torso or arm to torso). They're also very well constructed and of a high quality.

My weekend project was simply taking a blank head and apply "make up", essentially painting it to my liking. The eyes and wig are things you can purchase, but the whole thing requires assembly and a little bit of craft knowledge. I also spent the time creating a tutorial for anyone who was curious about doing it themselves.

Personally, I think they look really fantastic and I'm satisfied with how it came out.

Link: Dollfie Dream Tutorial