Eternal Bakery Battle - some sprites!

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Here are some sprites (double sized) for my upcoming puzzle/strategy game Eternal Bakery Battle. This is probably my biggest project to date with a bevy of original characters, a story, mini-games and two different gameplay mechanics combined. Because of all of these things, this will also be my first attempt at actually "selling a game"--initiate collective groan.

I'll admit that the game is definitely inspired from Corpse Craft, where you have some kind of puzzle element that allows you to generate resources that you then use to create units to send across towards the enemy. You'll have multiple plains of battle as well as different units to send across, each with their perks and drawbacks. All of this takes place during the Age of Bakers, where different lands with different baking styles vie to be ruler of the world. I think I'm going to have a bear chef in there too.

I'll post some more artwork in the near future!