Drawings from a child.

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Josie was cleaning out the closet today and she came across a bag of old stuff that I had been carrying around from apartment to apartment. Inside were some sheets of photo paper and old mail. In addition to this, however, was a stack of drawings I did when I was a kid. I can only assume I was somewhere between six and eight when I did them. They were done in pencil and on 3x5 index cards, cut so they'd look like sports cards of some kind.

I'm not quite sure what the initials on the shirts/uniforms were supposed to be. Maybe they were the initials of the players? Something I do remember is the reason I used "LOGO" on top of all those cards. I remember checking out programming books from the library that had BASIC code in it (DOS, print "Hello!", goto 10, etc.). One had talked about this fun language called LOGO that allowed you to control this turtle on the screen. I was fascinated with it and sad I didn't have a computer to run it.

I decided that it would be fun to redo some of them in my style today. The two I chose were:

I think these two were supposed to be on the same team. There's clearly an alligator team, a dog team, a penguin team and a frog team. Since these guys looked the least like the others, I figured they were supposed to be frogs. One being the coach (like Doc Louis in Punch-Out) and one being the star player appeared to be the right mix.

It took some time with the pencil, ink and Photoshop coloring, but I came out with something that would have, hopefully, impressed little Alex in the 1980s.

It was a fun experience and I hope to do it again when I stumble upon more old stuff of mine.