What was I supposed to say?

Listening to: Nothing.

So, this is a brief interaction I had with one of the employees at the gym Josie and I are members of. One weekend, the employee came over said hello and pointed out her husband was the one working on one of the machines. I said, "very nice." I said it somewhat similarly to Borat. Ultimately, it sounded like I was checking him out.

Thinking back, what was I supposed to have said? The options all lead to some kind of rude disinterest. I'd love to hear some suggestions that would have made me come out smelling like roses. Heck, I would settle for smelling like day old Chinese food. Sure beats the standard Alex smell.

Edit (6/25/2009): Faithful reader "Scypher" made one that made me laugh, and that deserves editing the post. I wonder if I can get this to internet meme status...