Eternal Bakery Battle - Some Screens

Listening to: Michael Jackson - Remember the Time

Here's a screenshot of the game I'm working on: Eternal Bakery Battle. You can click on it to see it in all of its full 800x600 glory. The game is essentially the biggest game I've created to date. Not just file size, but all of the content within the game.

It's essentially Yakitate!! Japan + The One + real-time strategy + puzzle game. It will have roughly 20 different battles to participate in, a considerably sized cast of characters and my artwork that you've grown to love/hate.

I plan on actually entering this bad boy into the Independent Games Festival this year. I've also got this "business plan" (it's just some crayon drawings on cardboard) in regards to accepting donations and giving away things for donations too. Ultimately, the game will be free to all to play. Donations will just net you free stuff, like pins and other things.

Here are some other screen shots with placeholder art. I WANT PANCAKES!