Out in the first round! Watch out!

Listening to: Nothing.

So the first round of voting just finished this past weekend over at the 2BeeGames Website and I was demolished in the first round! I guess you just can't compete with the upper echelon of games, eh? No matter.

To be completely honest, I'm just happy to have been in the running and to have garnered as many plays as I did. I was also introduced to how many narrow minded folks out there who call themselves "game developers". It's funny, really. Why should it matter what engine/development environment I use to create my game as long as the game itself is enjoyable? You wouldn't discredit someone for using the Unreal Engine because they didn't do 3D from scratch or someone for using Havok because they decided they didn't want to write physics libraries from scratch.

So, I use Game Maker. It's just a tool to create the game I see in my head. It's not like Game Maker has a function that creates a game for you. You still have to work at creating a base game idea and implement/execute it well with the tools at your disposal. So narrow minded some people! It makes me want to projectile vomit in their food. It really irritates me, the airs people carry around them, touting to be some amazing developer because they choose to code sprite rendering functions from scratch.

I want to play Wolverine: Origins. I think I'll go do that now and just pretend those narrow minded folks are the people I tear apart in this game... oh, wait, it uses the Havok engine. It's just another cookie cutter game with effects that were simply stolen from the Havok support groups and forums. Might as well just snap the disc in half and call it a night.

Jerk wads.

Edit: I would like to emphasize that I am not at all angry or disappointed with the results of the competition. I truly believe there are some fabulous games in the running and wish them all the best! My anger stems from comments regarding Game Maker (and similar platforms) itself. It's a completely valid development environment and should not be shunned because it makes some basic things (such as sprite movement and manipulation) easier than, say, C++ or Java. If being a game developer is all about the development environment you use and not the game idea itself, then anyone not coding in machine code is a slacker.

I then, by that definition, am a slacker. I'm going to spend time working on the game design of my next project now and as opposed to struggling with how to put things in memory.

As a side note, I highly respect those that are able to code in that fashion and understand everything that goes on under the hood of a computer (machine code, nitty gritty, etc.). It's just not my thing and I spend my time doing game design, artwork and sound.