Aminals! A webcomic from 2003.

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I was poking around some of my old comics archives that still reside on the internet in dying hobbles when I stumbled across Aminals. It was something I did in 2003 and my attempt at using "crude humor" as a way to express one of the many facets of my heart.

It was a short lived experience and lasted only 23 strips.

I also realized that I don't have my other two strips Soks and Pista del Muerto readily available either. I think this calls for a weekend (not necessarily this weekend) project!

I think in a span of six years or so, that's roughly 800+ individual comic strips I've done. Not bad for someone who doesn't get paid to do it. Oop, the book signing's in about 30 minutes! Better get ready!

If you're in San Francisco tonight, come to the book signing! Details can be found here.

Link: Book Signing Information