Gashapon Shop now on Kindle!

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Woo! Fanfare from trumpets! I decided to give's digital text platform (currently in Beta) a try. It essentially allows you to upload whatever you want to the site for download for your Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle, or already own a copy of the whole thing, then I guess this news post is pretty useless. However, now you've learned that you too can publish on the Kindle... for free!

Anyway, I included the first 209 strips for the $4.99 download. I'll probably release the last 40-something strips for free in the near future. I just want to see how it works as I plan on releasing a book of short stories with a "friend" of mine who also write fiction. It will essentially be what the previous Capesville novel never was: completed.

Link: Gashapon Shop - Kindle Edition