Pista del Muerto and lost data.

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I went and uploaded another comic strip I did back in college (2002) called Pista del Muerto. How fun! It was during a time when I was still pursuing a path of computer science (HA!) and realized that I didn't want to do it. The comic touches, very briefly, upon this and then goes off to the world of boob references and whatnot. Go read it or don't! It's roughly 95 strips long.


I was doing a brief search last night on my computer for some files and realized that when the hard drive pooped out earlier this year, I lost a considerable amount of data with it. What this means specifically is that I lost a lot of comic strips I did a few years ago, including the last few strips for Gashapon Shop that only appeared in the book. The originals are floating around somewhere on my stack of papers, but without text.

It's a shame, really. Goes to show you what happens when you don't back things up regularly. Lesson learned, I suppose.

Link: Pista del Muerto comic