Hey! I'm a tourist! - Trip to Seattle

Listening to: 175R - Memory

I went to Seattle last week for Casual Connect. It was a pretty great experience to meet with so many different develops and service providers in the space. It was definitely as casual as a conference gets, with people just sitting around and a medium sized trickle splashing from table to table, booth to booth. On the last day of the conference, I had the afternoon to myself and was able to do some quick tourist business.

I first visited Pike Place Fish Market, home of the flying seafood. When there's an order, the lead man yells it and the rest of the crew yell it back. Then, if the mood and time is right, a fish will sail across the way and into the arms of a worker. This place has been the focus for team building videos that they show at retail stores like Target. It's about making the work environment fun (note: "fun" is relative to how much customer "assery" you can withstand).

I then took a trip to the Science Fiction Museum to check out the limited engagement Jim Henson's Muppets Experience. It was really great to see things like Kermit, Bert and Ernie in person. They're quite large, actually. A lot of the footage and slides shown throughout the exhibit showed the creativity of Jim Henson and what a fine man he was. I was glad to have been able to visit.

I also went up the Space Needle, but that was like looking out the window of an airplane. Simply terrifying.