These books are not the same.

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When I was visiting Josie's mother's home in Hawaii a few weeks ago, one thing I noticed were the stacks upon stacks of books everywhere. It's great to know that the woman is so well read. Upon nosily sifting through the towers of Stephanie Meyers books and True Blood novels, I found a copy of Eat, Pray, Love. I was pretty excited because I had this book in my "must read" list on as I'm a big fan of science related books.

Upon returning home and looking at the back of the book to refresh my memory of the contents within, I was disappointed to find out that this book wasn't on my list of "must read" books. I had gotten it confused with Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream.

The book I thought I brought back was about the science of what happens through your body on a standard day from why you feel hungry, what happens when you sleep and basically the science of you. The book I actually brought back was a retelling of a woman's journey of self discovery from her travels across the world and her divorce settlement, not to mention the pregnancy she didn't want.

Needless to say, the books were quite different.

I ended up rereading Naoki Urasawa's Monster, Vol. 1 instead.

But, seriously, you can see why I was confused, right?

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