Bioshock 2 - Big Sister Wallpaper

Listening to: Nothing.

For some strange reason, I had the urge to illustrate this Bioshock 2 - Big Sister Wallpaper all day. There aren't that many images of her on the internet right now, so it was kind of fun to fill in the gaps with what I imagined to be there. From what I've seen, it was probably another belt or metal part.

I realize that I really don't do nearly as much "pinup" art anymore. I never got into the print side of things because I always found myself in the comic strip medium, meddling around and causing all this trouble. I think this is something I have to look into since my doodles are essentially the layouts and drafts to some bigger "pinup" piece.

I also think it may have something to do with the fact that I'm slightly lazy. [scratches chin in curiosity and immediately stops because of losing interest in doing so]

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