Mr. Shen - I'm Kind of Hungry

Listening to: The rain.

There's a chain bakery (not to be confused with a bakery that bakes chains) around the corner of my office and on especially hungry mornings I get a roasted vegetable, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. I used to do it a bit more often in the past, maybe once every other week, but it's been a while since then.

Recently, I've had this craving for it so I've gone twice in the last week. Each time, however, something was amiss. One time the bakery had run out of eggs. The other time they had run out of roasted veggies. Being the kind of person I am, I conceded to substitutions (a Vitamin Water for the one without egg and spinach and tomatoes for the one without roasted vegetables).

Needless to say, I decided to start going to the Mexican place up the street for breakfast burritos. They make a decent veggie one for $3.00.

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