Need Moar Comics

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I purchased a new sketchbook today from the local (those it's a retail chain) art store because I was done filling up my previous one. I will admit to being guilty of purchasing new sketchbooks when the previous ones weren't complete, but this isn't one of those times.

I've been reading some fun, unadulterated, comic strips and realized that I really just need to do more comic strip drawing. They don't have to all be amazingly crazy, final portfolio pieces. Heck, the rawness of it and often times non sequitur nature of the content often made it even more endearing to behold. It's probably one reason why Mr. Goh did as well as it did and why I'm going back to that style for future installments of Robot in the City.

In any case, I decided to just start drawing more comics and this sketchbook will be just for that or game design ideas. I have a few already lined up, so there should be a slight increase in comic flooding here on the site in the upcoming days/weeks.

I was also inspired to comic more when reading Graham Annable's Further Grickle on the toilet this morning.

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