A reason to turn on your Wii again.

Listening to: Nothing.

Unless you're one of those people that have your weekly Wii Bowling nights and do not own a system other than a Wii, you probably haven't turned it on since someone brought over the Wii Fit for you to try and tell you that you have a terrible sense of balance.

In any case, the remake/redo/upgrade of A Boy and His Blob released a trailer recently and it looks awesome. I almost feel like the actual in-game footage looks so charming and so much like the animation that it feels like one seamless experience that should be seen in a movie theatre as a children's summer release.

In other news, I beat Professor Layton and The Diabolical Box this weekend and completed all 153 puzzles. Those sliding block puzzles and peg solitaire puzzles are BS.

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