Dryness vs. How Stupid You Look

Listening to: The rain.

So it's been raining quite hard today. Josie purchased me a poncho for just this sort of occasion. I broke it out this morning before I left the house and made my merry 'ol way to work. While walking to work, I thought about how silly I looked. With the wind picking up now and then, my poncho was filled to make me look like a vinyl blueberry.

The original graph actually had a very tall spike at the front end, but decided to remove it for the sake of smoothness. The spike represented "garbage bag with holes cut in it". I suppose that the relative dryness would really depend on the the hole cutting abilities as well. With my limited understanding of graphs and how to plot them, this has now gotten too complicated for me and I must rest for hours.

I will admit, however, that I am extremely dry.

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