Peanut Gallery - Mini Daddy

Listening to: ...rap... I think?

Now for my peanut gallery comments I made throughout the video. Please read accordingly to the time as it'd be a shame to read too far ahead and run into SPOILERS.

0:06 - Is this like a Chipmunk version of an existing song?
0:18 - What is he saying?
0:29 - He's more face than anything else.
0:39 - I think I have the same Casio keyboard they used to make this song.
0:45 - He looks Chinese.
1:03 - I wonder if those are his sisters.
1:16 - Hm.
1:34 - What is he saying?
1:42 - The humping motions would not backup my assumption of those being his sisters.
2:12 - Someone's having too much fun with the zoom in/out function.
2:24 - I could never get away with having those girls in a video. I'd be labeled as a "biter" and that is clearly my main concern.
2:35 - Someone's having too much fun with that air horn button... explosion.