I went to Vegas this weekend.

Listening to: David Choi - Something to Believe

According to the implicit contract you sign when you land in Vegas (thanks for the reminder, Emad!), all things transpired within are kept there.

In accordance to my long streak of law breaking, I will now briefly talk about the things I did, or rather things I remembered doing:

1. I won $145.00 playing Let It Ride BONUS.
2. I shot an Uzi, a Thompson, a M3, a MP5 and a desert eagle.
3. I rode a roller coaster.
4. I ate chicken fried steak and burned the roof of my mouth.
5. I played arcade games.
6. I lost $2.00 in a slot machine.
7. I lost $10.00 at roulette.
8. I danced too much and my legs hurt.

All in all, a pretty good trip. Just don't tell anyone I told you.

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