World of Springfield Collection for Sale

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Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I've been assigned to look after my parent's house for the next two weeks and after getting a season of Hoarders under my belt, I've decided to help alleviate my parent's pain of storing my crap. Also, I've got a wedding to pay for.

What you see here is the collection of 71 Playmates World of Springfield figures that I collected many moons ago. Once my prized collection, I've come to terms with letting it go and figure that feeding a dozen people at my wedding is probably more important than having it sit in my parent's house.

If you've got any loved ones who love the Simpsons or know anyone that would like to nab these, then I say please go for it. The auction is on eBay (link) and goes until this Saturday. Here's to hoping it sells decently. Thanks for looking!

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