Trading Card iPhone Holder - Tutorial Coming Soon

Listening to: Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

I was hanging out with my friends The McLellands and had a conversation about reusing the stuff that I love, but really have no "place" for. Specifically, it started with talking about the wallet I made out of old comic pages. I love having these issues, but I just 1) never plan on reading it again, 2) don't see it worth my effort to try and eBay them and 3) I've watched the first season of Hoarders: The Complete Season One. So instead of just tossing it, I wanted to find out a way to reuse the materials for something functional.

Now trading cards don't take up as much space as a stack of comic issues, but they still do take up space. I decided to see if I could fashion something I needed out of them. In turn, I made an iPhone holder out of four trading cards. I'm actually using it right now to listen to Slacker Radio. It's not going to withstand the physical beatings of a child, but it functions properly in an office setting.

Just wanted to note that many of my graphic novels (e.g. Ultimate X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, etc.) have been donated to the local library. I figure if I never plan on reading these things again, I can help the community by letting them read it. Share and share alike, right?

I'll have the tutorial on making this little iPhone holder up soon.