Manga Studio EX4 is pretty neat.

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During's Black Friday sale, I picked up a copy of Manga Studio EX 4 on sale for a measly $50. It's pretty awesome software, to be honest. The tools that seems to be the most interesting is the sketching tool (virtual pencil!) and the inking tool. What makes it so awesome is that the inking tool carries weight and calculates what that line weight should be based on the pressure applied to the tablet. Secondly, it's saving the whole thing as a vector, which makes adding width (or removing width) from your lines (or parts of your lines via a lasso tool) very easy. If anything, it adds a very interesting style to my way of drawing.

Secondly, the screentone tool is pretty simple to use.

I know I've barely scratched the surface, but it's definitely got potential for some great comic work. The only issue I see, though I haven't dived into it in depth, is the coloring tools aren't really comparable to a Photoshop or Painter. I suppose it's because this software is geared toward black and comics.

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