Ridiculous Burger - Braised Pork Breakfast Burger

Ridiculous Burger is a site dedicated to delicious, ridiculous burgers that are creative in their presentation of flavors. It is not meant for burgers that are simply grotesque, such as oversized burgers or burgers made of cheese only.

Braised Pork Breakfast Burger
* Burger bun
* 1/3 lb. hamburger patty
* Hashbrowns
* Fried egg
* Braised Pork
* Lettuce
* Tomatoes
* American cheese
* BBQ Sauce

This burger was pretty righteous. The braised pork was essentially shredded and easy to eat. Everything essentially melted in your mouth. The only constructive critique I would have would be the BBQ sauce. The sauce's flavor was so strong, which usually works well with pork, that it completely eclipsed the lighter flavors of the hashbrowns and even fried egg. The "breakfast" parts may have been left out. You'd think the unique flavor of egg yolk would shine through, but did nothing more than just create a runny BBQ sauce.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 - if done again, will skip the BBQ sauce or the breakfast parts.

All burgers are purchased and created at HRD Coffee Shop in San Francisco.