Game Dev Diary - Order It Up Artwork

I'm working on a new "casual" game called Order It Up. The premise of the story is simple: card factory "Card Factory Co." was recently hit by a tornado and it's up to you to organize all of their cards in order. There are mainly two game modes: 15/30 card sort and survival. The 15/30 card sort has you sorting 15/30 sets of cards according to their hint (eg: "Ascending" or "Melting") as quickly as possible. The survival mode has you matching as many sets as possible within 60 seconds, getting bonus time for matches and negative time for mistakes.

The real charm of the game, hopefully, will come from the ridiculous number of original art pieces. As you can see above, those 12 images are only 3 sets of cards. I'm hoping for at least 50 sets in the initial launch of the game.

Hopefully I can couple this with some Gypsy Jazz and pixely graphics and have it set out for sponsorship potential within a few weeks. Keep your eyes and oranges peeled, kids!

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