Side Hustle Stats - November 2010 Stats

The phrase "side hustle" was first used by my coworker, Moshen Chan, to describe the personal projects us folks at Mochi Media do in our free time.

My coworker Ada Chen (hello, SEO!) recommended that I read a blog called Smart Passive Income. I don't quite recall the initial reason why this was recommended to me, but I do know that I came out on the other side coming to a realization: I should be as transparent as possible with my "side hustle".

I'm not making millions nor thousands with my side hustle. I am, however, having a lot of fun doing it. What else am I going to do on my 2+ hour roundtrip commute to work everyday. Sleep? [hearty laugh]

I also feel that if I share this data, others who are in similar boats or would like to be in a similar boat will have another point of data for their own research. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the contact form to send me a message. I've disabled comments for the moment only because it's filling up with "fantastic deals on brand name purses". Hopefully I'll get some kind of verification CAPTCHA dealie worked out soon. Without further ado, my November 2010 stats.

November 2010 Side Hustle Stats
  • MochiAds - $123.78
  • MochiAds Impressions - 179,534
  • MochiAds eCPM - $0.70
  • Top Game: (Don't) Save the Princess - 49,739 impressions
  • Bottom Game: Grow-A-Lincoln - 138 impressions (don't play it)

  • AdSense
  • AdSense - $49.96
  • Top Site: Shen Games

  • iTunes App Store
  • Paid Apps - $6.30 - 9 total
  • Free Apps - $0.00 - 523 total
  • Updates - $0.00 - 0 total
  • Top Paid: Sheep - 9 sales
  • Top Installs: Sheep - 523 installs (free for one week)

  • Sponsorships
  • Push and Pull - $600
  • Going the Distance 7 - $200

    Grand Side Hustle Total: $980.04
If there are any additional stats you would like to see or think would be interesting to see, please let me know. I'd like to be as transparent and open as possible here. The more info we know as indie game developers and such, the better off we'll be.