Vacation Quest: The Search For Hot Apple Cider

Josie and I have recently just returned from a search for hot apple cider at the San Jose airport. Our original effort was thwarted at the first coffee shop near our gate. Josie now knows that Peets Coffee != Starbucks. Apparently, Peets does not have apple cider nor do they know what cider is. When Josie asked for cider, the barista did this face: o_o

We continued down the terminal to find Starbucks, our original destination. To our dismay, they were out of apple juice to make the cider. I asked if we could go buy apple juice from another store and come back, but the barista was not amused. I wasn't joking.

Josie was ready to give up her dream of hot apple cider with caramel, but I pressed her to go on. There were at least another 15+ gates left to search. We made our way down the terminal once again.

10 minutes and a few jokes later, we found yet another Starbucks. This one had just enough Tree Top apple juice to create her drink. Success! Apparently, there are three Starbucks in terminal B at this airport. Three. Yes. Three.

In retrospect, personally, I think the drink is a farce. It is apple juice steamed to some obscure "hot" temperature with caramel nozzle'd in. That's it. You can make this at home with a microwave and caramel chew. But, in the end, I'm just happy that Josie is happy.

Oh, and our flight is delayed an hour. Weeeeeeee, Disneyland!

The adventure continues...