EZ Caltrain now on iPhone AppStore!

My newest free app, EZ Caltrain, is now on the Apple iTunes appStore. Unfortunately, due to the holiday break at Apple HQ and the recently updated schedule at Caltrain, this schedule is slightly outdated. Luckily, I planned for that and left a note in the app regarding certain trains being removed from weekday schedules. Version 1.1, using the newest Caltrain schedule, is already in queue for approval.

On a side note, I never know what to call the Apple iTunes appStore. Is that right? Should I just call it the appStore? Am I using the right combination of uppercase and lowercase letters? You may think to yourself, "why does it matter?" SEO, my friends. That's why it matters. I suppose I should just a bunch of keywords here like... MILEY CYRUS KISSING JUSTIN BIEBER. [evil laughter]

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