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We went and tried out German food tonight at a restaurant called Franziskaner. We actually asked the hotel concierge if there was any place to get a hamburger in Hamburg. He responded "McDonalds" and "Burger King". I guess what I briefly skimmed on Wikipedia wasn't nearly as accurate as I had hoped. We traversed the snowy streets of Hamburg to this other restaurant instead.


I had no idea that this kind of place would be able to get someone as famous as Danny Devito to be on the cover of their menu.


This is a picture of the lumberjack steak. It doesn't quite look like beef, but it is. I actually ordered the house meat platter, sampling a little bit of everything on their menu. I figured that I wouldn't be coming back here for a while so something like this would be the most tantalizing. Overall I would say that the food was quite good. It definitely pairs very well with beer and mustard. The food was a lot less dull than this description.


That's one long wiener.

I wish I could post something fruitful about the actual conference. I've just been at the booth the whole time taking meetings. I can say that seven out of ten meetings were with payment providers. It's crazy. It's like they all came out of the woodwork at the same time.

Ada was able to attend the Machanarium panel. I wish I could have gone. It turned out to be a "Making Of" type of session and they showed a ton of artwork. One of the interesting notes to come out of that meeting was that they said that one of the artists doing the art was drawing everything too cleanly, so they said to start over and do everything with his other hand. I also got a free code for Torchlight. WOO!