No Gas

Listening to: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (in German)

Water - No Gas

Ada and I went to Trader Vic's after the conference today for dinner. I asked for water and they asked if I wanted it with or without gas. I assumed that meant carbonated or not carbonated, but could very well be incorrect in that assumption. Fart water, indeed!


The Casual Connect after party was located at Halo, a club that happened to have been in the Red Light district of Hamburg. I did my share of networking and dancing at the club. Turns out one of the developers in the network is an amazing dancer. We had a dance battle. It was all kinds of nerdy epic. Soon after, the dance floor was filled with other unsightly individuals with too much hair.

I didn't explore the Red Light district. I heard from some colleagues that they were strongly confronted by club bouncers to enter their club. According to an Amsterdam resident, they don't do that in the Amsterdam Red Light district. They figure that pressuring clients is not the way to go. If you wanted to get some lovin', you're going to get some lovin' regardless of any sales pitch.


Rossmann is apparently the Rite Aid of Hamburg. They had all the things you would need to make sure your hair is silky smooth, your chocolate cravings are cornered and you have deodorant for tomorrow.

Hopefully I'll have something to post regarding the actual conference. I was too busy at the table all day, speaking with people, to have a chance to check out any of the talks. The two memorable conversations would be the brief interview with a game development magazine and some casino free-to-play game creators. I always wanted a Wandering Panda Comics branded slot machine!