It's snowing in Hamburg.

Listening to: The wind.

View from my Hotel Room

So I've traveled to Hamburg, Germany. It's for just a week. I'll be at Casual Connect Hamburg 2010, manning the Mochi table and giving a talk on Friday with Ada. It's been a very tiring experience thus far. Mainly I lack any real sleep, with the longest stint of slumber being about 45 minutes straight.

This is the view outside of my window. It's snowing in Hamburg. It's pretty and it's cold.

A room for smokers

At the Frankfurt airport there were these stalls sponsored by Camel that allowed smokers to get their nicotine fix. I figured it was a good alternative to finding a place outside in the snow to smoke. The doors, unfortunately, didn't work that well and the smoke seeped out. Granted, I feel that an air tight seal for that kind of smoker cabin could only result in suffocation--the sweet embrace of death's clammy grip.

Anyhow, I'll probably update more later. The converter I bought for my laptop doesn't fit in the plugs here at the hotel. It's not that the converter I purchased is wrong per se, but rather the plastic casing is square and the holes here are circle (for some reason).