Dollfie Dream from Scratch - Part 2

This "how to" project is transferred from the original posts on my original site. I thought it'd be good to transfer it over to the blog for the sake of keeping things in one place. -Mr. Shen

What do I need?
I'll use the list of items I used for my Dollfie Dream. Feel free to substitute any of these parts with the ones of your own choosing. Maybe you like the Aoi head better or the long, shaggy purple hair? I went with something that looked somewhat like Rally Vincent's hair, though the skin shade is a too light to match.

Volks Store
1x DDH-03 Option Head - Eye Hole Open
1x Animetic Eyes / H Type / Apricot - 22mm
1x W-131D-M33/12 Short Bob (Long in Front) - Rich Brown

Target / Convenient Store
1x Tac 'n Stick / BluTac

What is this for? I didn't realize this until after I had received the pieces that there is no actual way to put in the eyeballs into the head without some kind of adhesive! I had no idea that Volks had something called eye putty that was made specifically for this reason. I stuck with the Tac 'n Stick because it cost me $2 instead of $11. I have also heard that you can use hot glue, but that keeps the eyes in a permanent position.

Hobby / Art Store
1x Chaos Black Paint (Games Workshop)
1x Flat Brown Paint (Tamiya Color)
1x Pink Paint (Tamiya Color)
1x Detailing Paintbrush

I'm very partial to Games Workshop paint because of how uniform it is when it dries. I also like how there's a paint well built into the cap that collects paint after you shake it. Tamiya Color paints are also good, but they have a less opaque nature than the Games Workshop paint and require multiple layers to get a solid look. However, because this was meant for eyebrows and lips, the somewhat translucent "one layer" was exactly what I wanted.

Let's get to painting! I'll have part three up soon!

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