Dollfie Dream from Scratch - Part 3

This "how to" project is transferred from the original posts on my original site. I thought it'd be good to transfer it over to the blog for the sake of keeping things in one place. -Mr. Shen

Grab That Pencil and Start Marking
The material that this head is made out of makes it pretty easy to make pencil markings. Vigorous rubbing or a clean eraser can remove the pencil marks as well. However, I can imagine a dirty/crappy eraser will just cause smudges that will never be coming off. In any case, use a pencil and start making the eyes. I used the original Yukino picture as a reference.

Once you're satisfied with pencil outlines, it's time to get that paint started. Take a deep breath and go for it.

There's not really much to say here except that you just have to paint within the lines that you've created. I think the hardest thing here is coming to the realization that your pencil markings were or were not symmetrical. Mine were close, but not perfect. I also have a slightly shaky hand.

After looking at it some more, I realized that I didn't quite like the way it turned out. The eye lines seemed a bit thin from the front, as if I hadn't painted anything at all. I made them a bit thicker and added a double prong eyelash on both sides of the eyes. It also helped close the gap between the eye and the upper eyelid (which is physically gooved into the head itself). The eyebrows had a pencil outline as well, but I made sure to paint right above it (not directly on top of the pencil, but above it so the pencil straddled the bottom part of the eyebrow).

I figured this was the best I could do with my average painting skills and lack of an "undo" button for my work. I proceeded with the lips portion. I didn't use any pencil markings as that would have shown up through the light pink. I'm pretty sure once you get to this point, you'll be breathing a sigh of relief! The hard part isbover!

Now let's go and put this thing together! I'll have part 4 up soon!

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