Dollfie Dream from Scratch - Part 4

This "how to" project is transferred from the original posts on my original site. I thought it'd be good to transfer it over to the blog for the sake of keeping things in one place. -Mr. Shen

What's Inside the Head
This is what the inside of a Dollfie Dream head looks like. It's empty. All you have are the two holes of which the eyes will be looking out of. They're beveled inwards, meaning they slope toward the inside of the head. I wish there were some kind of skeletal system inside the head itself that let you stick eyes in. Alas, there is not.

What's the Eye Look Like
Here's a photo of the eye. They have a prong in the back that allows you to easily hold it with your fingers. Outside of the eyeball part and the prong, there's nothing more to the eye. I will mention that the eye is not perfectly spherical. It's actually a little pointed where the iris is, which allows it to fit into the eye hole a little better. So you will have to get this ball and peg to stay put in the hollow Dollfie Dream head.

Applying the Tic 'n Tack
I rolled four little portions of Tic 'n Tack and adhered them to the inside of the head as shown in the photo below. I have one above the eye hole and one below the eye hole. As previously mentioned, the shape of the eye (a bit pointer at the iris) allows the rest of the spherical eye to make contact with the Tic 'n Tack.

Before you put in the eyes, make sure that no Tic 'n Tack is visible from the front of the face. As you can see on her right eye (your left), you can see Tic 'n Tack sitting there. Adjust accordingly and make sure it's completely clear. Once you're good to go, it's time to go and put in the eyes.

Do some quick measurements from the front to make sure the eye looks okay and then just stuff them in there. The Tic 'n Tack will adhere to the eyes pretty well. If you have to, you can try to secure the eyes with some more Tic 'n Tack over it. The plus is that this stuff is always ready to use and isn't supposed to dry. This makes eye transplants, positioning, etc. relatively easy.

Hey, not too shabby!

Time to attach the back of the head and finish it all up!

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