Dollfie Dream from Scratch - Part 5

This "how to" project is transferred from the original posts on my original site. I thought it'd be good to transfer it over to the blog for the sake of keeping things in one place. -Mr. Shen

Attaching the Back of the Head
I wish I could have provided a video or some kind of image sequence that accurately depicts how "difficult" it is to get the back of the head to connect properly. It's not that it's loose, but the complete opposite. It's made significantly larger than the hole, so you have to force it in. Just be careful of your paint job and don't be bending any pieces. Just be patient and keep working it. It'll go in.

Slipperiest Wig in the Universe
When I first tried attaching the wig, it just would not stay. It kept falling off and I figured that I needed to use some double-sided tape or get one of those Volks non-slip wig covers. Then I looked at the diagram that came with the wig. I placed the top of the wig where the back of the head connected to the front of the head where the seam is.

I'm not sure if it's the seam combined with the semi-elastic band around the wig, but it cause the wig from slipping off to the back. I then pulled the bottom portion of the wig back to near the neck.

After you get the wig securely on the Dollfie Dream head, you've now completed what I consider to be the key portion of a Dollfie Dream: the head! Sit back and admire the work you've just done, as well as the money you've saved. This head is now completely 100% original and there is no one else in the world that has one like this. I'd like to think mine turned out pretty good! I can't say it matches the professionals at Volks, but I'm very happy with, as Danny Choo puts it, my first daughter.

Now you're free to purchase the Basic Body II and dress her to your liking with the $92 you saved! Thanks for checking this out and feel free to pass this along! Good luck, fellow hobbyists!

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