Background Art - Mr. Peterson's Office

Listening to: Nothing.

I'm actually starting to work on a new project that's supposed to be quite "large scale". I suppose after my quick string of bang-em-out (ha ha) games, I grew weary of the bite sized experience. I wanted to make something larger, so I decided to revamp the Hershel Engine (you may remember its one and only game How Muni Stole $75 From Me) for a new point-and-click adventure starring Mr. Peterson. The game's called Mr. Peterson Detective Agency - The Case of the Golden Fish.

I decided amongst this "large scale" game would be artwork that actually took time and effort from me, as opposed to laziness. I actually contemplated leaving it black and white, but realized that I'd only be boring myself. If not for a challenge, I'd probably give it all up much too soon.

In any case, I've included some images of my progress coloring the first background, Mr. Peterson's Office. I don't have an expected release date for the first chapter, but I'm guessing in a month or two.

Ya, I suppose Josie's right. It does look better in color.

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