Cadet 227 - Developer Diary Entry #3

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Today's post is a bit more technical.

I started working on the underlying engine for Cadet 227. It's strange knowing that all keypresses are only affecting game elements in the background, producing no visible change on screen. I have trace statements running, of course, but it's just a new way of experiencing the development of a game. It's... like a game in itself.

Anyhow, just busy working on that. Currently I have going from room to room in place as well as the system reading a block of dialogue. I haven't incorporated the skipping portion yet. A very interesting thing I learned about AS3 today!

When you add the "SOUND_COMPLETE" event listener to a sound channel, you have to assign/add it again after the sound has been played--every time.


If you don't do that, it won't work correctly. The "soundComplete" function, in this case, won't be fired. If you place it before the sound channel play command, it also doesn't work. It has to be added after the sound has started playing. That's my AS3 tip of the day... or month... or year.

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